Dr. Sanele Gamede 
Strategic Life and Career Coach
Dr Gamede is a Strategic Life and Career Coach, the best selling Author of four books, an Educational Motivational Speaker, an Employability Practitioner, Founder of Make a Mark Africa Youth Development (NPO), Radio Personality, Founder and CEO of Ilada Holdings, a Personal Development and Training Company.
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Professional Service
Professionalism is one of the fundamental principles for my work. 
I believe that “It’s not done until it’s professionally done”. 
Clients I have worked for or worked with find me easy to work with because of the level of professionalism and how I take my work serious. Over the years I have received referrals because of how I treat my work as if my life depends on it. 
Client Priority
If there is one thing that everyone is looking for, it’s “attention”. 

My clients are given priority over everything. They are all treated with respect and the same. 

It doesn’t matter the status you hold in the society; we give I give you the respect you deserve. 

Vast Experience
Knowing how to do something is one thing but having vast experience in doing it is another thing. 

With over seven years in the industry, 
I have mastered all the rules of the business and I strive to improve my customer service every day. 

I don’t only do what I do because I can but I do it because I love doing it.
"You Only Crave What You Have Tasted Before,
And The Fact That You Crave It, Means You Can Have It Again."
~ Dr. Sanele Gamede ~
Founder and CEO of Ilada Holdings
Clients, Sponsors and Partners 
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"Sanele Gamede has been committed to help people and youth in particular, I have known him with his phenomenal work he does thus far. There is considerable amount of information I have absorbed from his books, talks and mentorship programmes. His writings have paved the way for me and made me see the light at the end of the tunnel"
~ Mfundo Hadebe ~
Durban, South Africa
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Dr Gamede holds multiple qualifications including a PhD, Master of Social Science Degree, Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree, Bachelor Social Science Degree, a Diploma in Advanced Leadership and Management, a Strategic Life Coaching Practitioner Certificate and Employability Practitioner Certificate, all achieved in record time! 
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