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Then you need to give yourself the unfair advantage over all the other aspiring candidates out there and equip yourself with the tools that make YOU the best pick for recruiters!

Look, I know it’s tough to find a job out there; I want you to know, it’s not your fault.

Jobs aren’t easy to find right now, and maybe you’ve even struggled for a long time to find employment, and the covid situation has only made it harder to find anything out there.

Which is why its even MORE important that you learn how to give yourself the best chance of success:
  • You need to understand how to SELL YOURSELF to recruiters though your CV and at your Job Interview
  • You need to know how to build your own PERSONAL BRAND online and what benefits this offers the employer
  • And, you need to know how to POSITION yourself on the internet, so that recruiters can even find you in the first place!
The thing is, these skills do not come naturally to most people, and these things are not taught in class.

Sadly, MOST people don’t have the FIRST CLUE about how to go about doing this.

Which is why I have assembled a team of EXPERTS to give you the SECRETS to getting a Job NOW! 

Together they have revealed THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY of each step of the job search and recruitment process. They have shared the underground secrets of how to get ahead of the rest in each of these steps. They have also shared the biggest mistakes and what turns them off about candidates they see every day.  

I have put these together into a pack for you so that you can get the full benefit of all these insights and set yourself up for success. 
The pack is called: 
Sanele Gamede
Sanele Gamede is a Youth Life & Career Coach, a best selling Author, an Educational Motivational Speaker, an Employability Practitioner, Founder of Make a Mark Africa Youth Development (NPO), Radio Personality, a Lecturer at Varsity College and KZN Community Education and Training, Founder and CEO of Ilada Holdings, a Personal Development and Training Company.
Gamede holds multiple qualifications including a Master of Social Science Degree, Bachelor of Social Science Honours Degree, Bachelor Social Science Degree, a Diploma in Advance Leadership and Management, a Strategic Life Coaching Practitioner Certificate and Employability Practitioner Certificate, all achieved in record time! He is also currently a PhD Candidate at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. 
The Experts' Secrets to Getting Hired!
If you're struggling to find a job,
this is the ANSWER you're looking for! 
  • Understand that when you act now, you get Instant Access to the Experts' Secrets to Getting Hired, which includes:
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes blocking graduates from getting hired...
  • ​The absolute best secrets to nailing your job interview...
  • ​How to Brand Yourself on the right online platforms and target your desired recruiters...
  • The tips and tricks of using the Best Online Job Search Apps...
This is what you will get when you order this pack:  
The Tips and Tricks of the Best Online Job Search Sites and Apps

- Nokuthula Chonco (R 1,500 Value)
In this exclusive video interview, Nokuthula Chonco, Skills Development Facilitator, Learning and Development Specialist, Manager: Graduate Recruitment & Development, and B-BBEE Specialist, shows you the secrets of using the top online job search sites and how to get the full value from using them to your advantage. 
Branding yourself Using the Right Online Platforms 

- Sifiso Nhlebela  (R800 Value)
Human Resources Consultant, Sifiso Nhlebela, shares some of his incredible insights in this interview on how you can brand yourself using the right online platforms right after you have graduated.

He also gives some excellent strategies on targeting recruiters at your dream company to land the job you want, which most people are unaware of and never implement. 
What 'Turns Us On and Turns Us Off' about your CV? 

- Nokwanda Dlamini  (R2,000 Value)
Master Recruiter, Nokwanda Dlamini has over eight years' experience in the talent and recruitment industry, where she reviews CVs and conducts job interviews on a daily basis. In this interview she takes us through her personal experience of the best and worst of her experiences she has seen and give advice on how to stand out as a top candidate in the recruitment process. 
Personal CV Review and Revamp Service  

- Sanele Gamede (R395 Value)
Sanele Gamede is a Youth Life & Career Coach, a best selling author of three books, an Educational Motivational Speaker, and Employability Practitioner.  Once you have listened to the advice of the experts above and prepared your CV accordingly, he will personally review it and make any necessary changes to it to ensure you are positioning yourself as the top candidate to your desired company. 
Get your Job Interview RIGHT! 

- Innocentia Mphuthi  (R1,500 Value)
A lot of Graduates are unemployed because they failed a job interview, not because they didn't meet the minimum requirements.

In this video, Social Entrepreneur and HR Professional Miss Innocentia Mphuthi  takes us through her experience and gives invaluable advice and the secrets to nailing your job interview.
Exclusive One-on-One Employability Coaching Session 

- Sanele Gamede (R995 Value)
This is your own, One-On-One Employability Coaching and Motivation Session, so you're able to get the personal advice and coaching to deal with the specific questions you may have,  so we can deal with any hidden barriers you may have been unaware of impacting your progress and holding you back.
BONUS: "CHEAT SHEET" - Model Answers to the Top 10 Interview Questions  

- Sanele Gamede (R300 Value)

Don't you find some of those interview questions irritating? Especially the ones you don't know how to answer?

Well, now you don't need to worry about that anymore. Just use my proven, "cheat sheet" of model answers to the Top 10, most popular job interview questions.

You'll have the interviewers eating out of your hand when you respond with these beauties...  
Act Now, Before Others Get the Edge
Get the "Experts' Secrets to Getting Hired" 
NOW before the other candidates do! 
No Risk, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If the "Experts' Secrets to Getting Hired" pack doesn't show you, step-by-step  exactly how to get hired... if it doesn't take you by the hand, and show you how to prepare yourself for the job you want... or if it fails to help you revamp your CV to stand out for recruiters, then you will receive a full refund - No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and only success to gain! 
Now it's Decision Time
Either you are going to keep doing THE SAME THINGS, hoping for different results this year... 

Or, you will TRY SOMETHING NEW and give yourself the UNFAIR ADVATAGE by getting the inside scoop from the experts in the industry, and get a completely different result!

I just have one question for you, "If it works, if this pack gives you what it claims, what would that be worth to you?   

What would you pay for this pack 
- if it gets YOU get that JOB that you need?
Thank you for your time in considering this offer I have put together for you.
Here's to your success in getting hired! Remember, it's possible because its doable!

- Sanele Gamede

P.S. - Every minute you wait to get “The Experts' Secrets to Getting Hired” is another minute other candidates may get in ahead of you and will be learning these critical skills and applying for the job you need right now! So, don't wait, put the power of this pack to work for YOU, so you can stop hunting for jobs, get hired and start making money!

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
The Experts' Secrets to Getting Hired!
  • The Tips and Tricks of the Best Online Job Search Sites and Apps (R1500 Value)
  • Branding yourself Using the Right Online Platforms (R800 Value)
  • ​What 'Turns Us On and Turns Us Off' about your CV?   (R1500 Value)
  • Personal CV Review and Revamp Service (R395 Value)
  • Get your Job Interview RIGHT! (R1500 Value) 
  • Exclusive One-on-One Employability Coaching Session (R995 Value)
  • ​BONUS: "CHEAT SHEET" - Model Answers to the Top 10 Interview Questions (R300 Value)
Total Value: R6,990
But today, you'll get all of this...
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